About Us
Chief Minister’s Fund was created on 5th April 2006, mainly to provide assistance and services to the low income and impoverished groups in the province to strengthen their lives.  The fund was established with donations made both by public officers and other philanthropists in the province and it is going forward with donations by various volunteers including the officers in the Provincial Public Service.  The fund provides financial assistance on the recommendations of its professional committee for victims of natural calamities like landslides, storms etc. In addition, the fund supports the people suffering from various ailments including physically handicapped.

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Some other services delivered by the Fund.
1.    Financial and other services for educational purposes.
2.    Assistance to men and women who have brought honour to the province and to improve their sports abilities.
3.    Financial assistance to artistes to improve their skills and abilities.
4.    Assistance to people without proper shelter.
5.    Foster parent programme.
6.    Appreciation programme for selected special personalities in the province for their valuable services rendered through
       their professionalism.
7.    Magazine.

This magazine is published with valuable articles of the members of the fund as well as other professionals of various fields.

"Medarata Abhimana” felicitation

It is intended under this program to felicitate eminent personalities who have contributed immensely to the society in various aspects eg. Social workers, philanthropists, public officers, Artistes, business etc.

Self employment assistance

Families of children supported under the Foster Parents Program are financially assisted to develop their economic status and to find a way out for their survival.

‘Jana Setha’ Social Service Program.

This program covers services such as volunteer work, religious work and provision of  facilities to handicapped and also the inmates of hospitals.
Under this programme, participation and contributions have been made to 14 Nos.

Provincial Housing Program.

This program is launched to provide houses to houseless community due to poor economic conditions in their families and also to assist those needy war heroes.